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Shurnetta Williams

Be intentional about "YOU, YOUR HEALTH, AND YOUR LIFE"!

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Hello there! I'm Shurnetta Williams, and I am thrilled to share my weight loss journey and how I discovered my true passion for fitness. Grab a cup of tea, and let's dive into my story.

Growing up, I had always struggled with my weight. I have always had confidence, however I constantly battled with low energy. It wasn't until a turning point in my life that I realized I had to make a change. I embarked on a weight loss journey that would transform not only my physical appearance but also my mindset and overall well-being. I started by educating myself about nutrition, understanding the importance of a balanced meals, and portion control. Armed with knowledge, I made gradual changes over the years to my diet, incorporating more fruits and vegetables.  Now I am a pescartarian, and I have noticed positive changes in my Lupus,my energy levels and overall health.

During this lifestyle change, I discovered the magic of physical activity, Initially the thought of exercise seemed daunting and exhausting, but I realized that finding my joy in movement was the key to long-term success. Exercise became more than just a means to burn calories; it became a way to challenge and strengthen my body, relieve stress and boost my mood. I discovered the incredible mental and emotional benefits that come with moving your body and sweating it out.

Today, I can proudly say that  I am a certified instructor of Xtreme Hip Hop and Xtreme Burn.  Whether you are just starting out or looking for that extra bit of motivation, Push Thru fitness is here to cheer you on. Join Shanell and I at Push Thru Fitness,  as we embark on a journey  of self-discovery, empowerment and falling in love with fitness.  Together we will celebrate our victories, and overcome obstacles and create a life filled with health, happiness, and an unbreakable love for ourselves.

With gratitude and excitement,


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